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Landsat 5 Suspension of Operations Extended
Released: 02/16/2012
Landsat 5 Earth imaging operations have been suspended for an additional 90 days while the U.S. Geological Survey Flight Operations Team (FOT) continues to investigate options for the resumption of imaging. Read more...

Technical Announcement: High Resolution OrbView - 3 Images Now Available from USGS
Released: 01/09/2012
OrbView-3 satellite images collected around the world between 2003 and 2007 by Orbital Imaging Corporation (now GeoEye) at up to one-meter resolution can now be downloaded at no cost through USGS EarthExplorer.

Landsat 5 Mission in Jeopardy
Released: 11/17/2011
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has stopped acquiring images from the 27-year-old Landsat 5 Earth observation satellite due to a rapidly degrading electronic component. For several months, the Landsat flight operations team has been closely tracking the fluctuating performance of an amplifier essential for transmitting land-surface images from the Landsat 5 satellite to ground receiving stations in the U.S. and around the world.  Over the past 10 days, problems with the amplifier have led to drastically reduced image download capabilities, a sign of impending failure. Read more...

Pecora Award Recognizes Stellar Achievements in Earth Observation
Released: 11/14/2011
The U.S. Department of the Interior and NASA presented the 2011 William T. Pecora awards to Alan H. Strahler, professor of geography and environment at Boston University, and to the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing at a ceremony Tuesday in Herndon, Va. Read more...

Landsat Images Illustrate Flooding from Irene in New York State
Released: 09/02/2011
Remnants of Hurricane Irene caused heavy flooding, as shown in this August 31 Landsat 5 image, in the hamlet of Pine Island in the town of Warwick (Orange County), New York. Sometimes called "the drowned lands" (long before Irene), the fertile black dirt region is the remains of a great shallow lake formed by receding glaciers. Read more...

Landsat Imagery Tracks Record Flooding in Minot, N.D.
Released: 06/27/2011
The Landsat 7 satellite recorded the flooding of the city of Minot, North Dakota, at its peak on June 25, 2011, when the Souris River in north central North Dakota surpassed an 1881 record flood reading by a wide margin. The city of Minot, divided by the river, has been especially hard hit by the flooding which is due to unusually heavy rainfall in southern Canada and North Dakota. The river has inundated over 4,000 homes and forced over 11,000 residents to evacuate. Read more...

Arizona Wildfire Sweeps Through Apache National Forest: Satellite Image
Released: 06/10/2011
The second largest fire in Arizona history, the Wallow Fire is graphically depicted by this Landsat image, taken June 7, which shows burning in the mountains of eastern Arizona near the border with New Mexico. Read More...

Landsat Tracks Long Tornado Swath in Massachusetts
Released: 06/07/2011
The track of a tornado that cut a massive 39-mile swath of destruction across southwest and south-central Massachusetts on June 1 is graphically depicted by an image from the Landsat 5 satellite. Read More...

Library of Congress Hosts USGS Earth as Art Exhibit
Released: 05/23/2011
The most recent USGS Earth as Art exhibit, the third in the series of award-winning Landsat satellite images, will be on display at the Library of Congress beginning May 31.  "The striking beauty revealed in these Landsat images, acquired nearly 450 miles above Earth's surface, reminds us that scientists pursue their calling not just out of curiosity, but because they are inspired by the natural world," said USGS Director Marcia McNutt. "We are delighted to share 'our Muse' with the public through this exhibit at the Library of Congress."  Read More...

Extended!! Pecora 18: Call for Abstracts - Deadline May 27, 2011
Released: 05/18/2011
Deadline has been extended to Friday May 27! Land remote sensing data users, researchers, applications scientists, producers, managers, and policy-makers are cordially invited to participate in this important symposium by submitting an abstract for a paper or poster. The Pecora Symposium series was established by the USGS and NASA in the 1970s as a forum: 1) to foster the exchange of scientific information and results derived from applications of remotely sensed data to a broad range of land-based resources; and 2) to provide a forum for discussing ideas, policies, and strategies concerning land remote sensing. Read More...

Satellite Imagery of Earth Accessible to Public on "ChangeMatters" Website
Released: 05/06/2011
A new geospatial website, "ChangeMatters," has made the DOI’s satellite imagery of the world more easily accessible to the public. Developed by Esri, the site allows users to view the Global Land Survey (GLS) Landsat data developed by USGS and NASA, which spans a time period from 1975 to 2005. By viewing GLS satellite imagery throughout the world, anyone can monitor and map change between epochs resulting from events such as forest harvesting, urban growth, wildfires, floods, pest outbreaks, and drought. Read More...

2011 William T. Pecora Award: Nominations being accepted through June 1, 2011
Released: 05/02/2011
The William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to individuals or groups that have made outstanding contributions toward understanding the Earth by means of remote sensing. Nominations for the 2011 award must be received by June 1, 2011. Eligibility, nomination instructions and other information about the award can be found on the Pecora Award web site.

Pecora 18: Call for Abstracts - Deadline May 16, 2011
Released: 04/26/2011

Land remote sensing data users, researchers, applications scientists, producers, managers, and policy-makers are cordially invited to participate in this important symposium by submitting an abstract for a paper or poster. The Pecora Symposium series was established by the USGS and NASA in the 1970s as a forum: 1) to foster the exchange of scientific information and results derived from applications of remotely sensed data to a broad range of land-based resources; and 2) to provide a forum for discussing ideas, policies, and strategies concerning land remote sensing. Read More...

Landsat: Who are the Customers?
Released: 04/14/2011
Exactly who uses Landsat satellite imagery and what value do they derive from the information?  Read More...

USGS Releases Report on Uses, Users, and Value of Landsat
Released: 02/26/2011
Survey results revealed that respondents from multiple sectors use Landsat imagery in many different ways. The value of Landsat imagery to these users was demonstrated by the high importance placed on the imagery, the numerous benefits received from projects using Landsat imagery, the negative impacts if Landsat imagery was no longer available, and the substantial willingness to pay for replacement imagery in the event of a data gap. The diversity of the sample delivered results that provide a baseline of knowledge about the users, uses, and value of Landsat imagery. While the results supply a wealth of information on their own, they can also be built upon through further research to generate a more complete picture of the population of Landsat users as a whole. View Report

Pecora Award Recognizes Stellar Achievements in Earth Observation
Released: 11/17/2010
The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) and NASA have presented the 2010 William T. Pecora Award to Marvin E. Bauer of the University of Minnesota for his pioneering work in remote sensing of natural resources. Dr. Bauer received the award today at the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing meeting in Orlando, Fla. Read more...

United States Launches New Global Initiative to Track Changes in Land Cover and Use
Released: 11/05/2010
Deputy Secretary of the Interior Hayes today announced that the US is launching a new global initiative to developing the first-ever comprehensive and up-to-date database of 30-meter satellite imagery to show changes in land cover and land uses worldwide. Read more...

New Landsat Data Release
Released: 10/18/2010
The Web-enabled Landsat Data (WELD) version 1.5 and new interfaces were released from USGS EROS today (2008 and 2009: CONUS and Alaska, annual, seasonal, monthly, weekly 30m Landsat ETM+ products). The WELD products are available via anonymous FTP in tiled HDF format and in GeoTIFF format for any user defined area via an interactive internet interface

There is a new documentation web site

Interior Continues Leadership Role in Land Remote Sensing Under National Space Policy Announced by the President
Released: 6/28/2010 4:03:59 PM
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Space Policy announced by the White House today recognizes and endorses the Department of the Interior’s expertise and accomplishments in land imaging and remote sensing to advance global climate change research and provide data for science and natural resource management. Read More...

Technical Announcement: Finding Imagery of Disasters Gets Graphic
Released: 6/29/2010 5:17:15 PM
After a major disaster, a satellite image or a collection of aerial photographs is frequently the fastest, most effective way to determine the scope and severity of the event. With that goal, the USGS operates the Hazard Data Distribution System (HDDS) to process and deliver satellite and aerial imagery in near-real time during natural or human-caused disasters. Read More...

Technical Announcement: USGS and Spot Image Corporation Announce Data Agreement
Released: 6/07/2010
The U.S. Geological Survey will receive nearly unlimited access to imagery collected by Spot Image satellites over the continental United States under a major data purchase agreement announced today. Read More...

Media Advisory: USGS to Host Congressional Briefing on Landsat
Released: 3/24/2010
Science requires perspective and objectivity. The U.S. Geological Survey provides both with data from the Landsat series of satellites. On Friday, March 26, 2010, the USGS will host a congressional briefing on how the Landsat program provides impartial, authoritative information about land conditions for use in agriculture, forestry, regional planning, education, and global change research. Read More...

Earth Observation Day (EO Day)
Released: 3/23/2010
EO Day is an education and awareness effort of the AmericaView Consortium, a USGS grant recipient. AmericaView is working through partner academic consortia to implement and support local, regional, and global remote sensing data-gathering activities during EO Day. Consortia partners will also work with K-16 teachers, students, and faculty to perform pre- and post EO Day activities including data gathering, analysis, and reporting. Read More...

Video - Remote Sensing Data From the USGS: the latest developments
Released: 2/1/2010
Major events in the USGS satellite program are underway according to Ronald E. Beck, a Public Information Specialist with the U.S. Geographical Survey . Since Landsat satellite data became available through a no-cost download in 2009, over 2 million individual scenes have been captured by users representing over 180 countries. Additionally, the USGS has greatly expanded the list of aerial photography, additional satellite data and supplemental earth information available through the download system. To learn more about developments in remote sensing data, Landsat 5 and 7 and the Landsat Data Continuity Mission click View Video.

Landsat 5 Anomaly
Released: 1/7/2010
On December 18, 2009, the transmitter on Landsat 5 that sends image data to the ground encountered technical difficulties. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Landsat Flight Operations Team has extensive experience with this type of anomaly and is currently investigating the problem. Read More...

Latest Archive 2009

A New Album of Global Earth Imagery
Released: 12/11/2009
A new collection of selected Landsat earth images worldwide, Global Land Survey 2005 (GLS2005), is now available for free download to any user around the globe. Nearly 10,000 satellite images, each covering approximately 100 X 100 miles, are available from the recently completed 2005 data set. All GLS images can be previewed and downloaded for free at either of two USGS web sites: Glovis or Earth Explorer.   Read More...

USGS Scientists Survey Users of Moderate-Resolution Satellite Imagery
Released: 10/01/2009
Understanding the benefits and value of the imagery provided by moderate-resolution satellites, such as Landsat, is essential as future land-imaging initiatives move forward. To identify the importance of these images, USGS researchers are conducting a comprehensive, Web-based survey of nearly 4,000 moderate-resolution imagery users. The survey, initiated by the USGS Land Remote Sensing Program, is the most comprehensive assessment of users and uses of moderate-resolution imagery to date. Survey recipients were selected using a unique “snowballing” method to identify a cross-section of professional users across all sectors (government, academic, private, nonprofit). The survey aims to (1) identify and classify the breadth and depth of the users and uses of moderate-resolution imagery, and (2) understand the importance and value of Landsat imagery in decision making. The study will also summarize the financial impacts on users and their work if Landsat imagery, currently available at no cost, were not available, and assess their willingness to pay for replacement imagery. Results will be relevant to government, academia, and private industry because they will establish a baseline understanding of professional users as well as the value and uses of satellite imagery in their work. In particular, managers in the USGS Land Remote Sensing Program will use these results to support their efforts to ensure data continuity, better serve users, and augment Landsat benefits. The survey will be launched later this month, with results expected in early 2010.

New Bulk Download Tool for Landsat Free Data
Released: 09/30/2009
For the first 1.1 million free Landsat scenes, users had to download one scene at a time. The Landsat Project has developed a bulk download tool so users can more easily download entire lists. After uploading a list of Landsat Scene IDs, scenes that are available on-line can be immediately downloaded. For those scenes that need to be processed, a link is provided directly into our EarthExplorer ordering system (there is no charge for processing). GloVis, EarthExplorer, or user-generated Landsat Scene ID lists can be used. Read More...

Landsat Plays Key Role in Water-Use Maps
Data from earth-observing Landsat satellites play a central role in a new, award-winning type of mapping that tracks water use. Water-use maps help save taxpayer money by increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of public decisions involving water – for instance, in monitoring compliance with legal water rights. The maps are especially important in dry western states where irrigated agriculture accounts for about 85 percent of all water consumption. Read More...

USGS Releases Remote Sensing Data on Annual Biological Cycles: Salazar Announces Satellite Data on Nature's Timing Can Help Track Climate Change
Released: 09/08/2009
The USGS has made its long-term historical remote sensing data and graphics about biological life-cycle events available to the public at no charge on the web, Secretary of the Interior Salazar announced today. Read more...

Free Landsat Scenes Go Public by the Million
Released: 08/20/2009
On August 17, someone who wanted to see how the Earth looks from 440 miles away in space downloaded the one-millionth Landsat satellite image scene from a U.S. Geological Survey web site at its Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since the USGS opened its full Landsat archive to user access at no charge last October, the response from across the nation and around the globe has grown exponentially. Read more...

Landsat 5 is back in business!
Released: 08/20/2009
The USGS Landsat 5 Flight Operations Team (FOT) successfully restored the 25-year old spacecraft to full operations Friday afternoon, following Thursday morning's serious incident, in which the spacecraft was tumbling out of control. Imagery data was collected and downlinked from the spacecraft over the weekend, and EROS engineers have validated the quality of the data. The Landsat 5 spacecraft is now back in its normal operational mode, routinely collecting and downlinking imagery data to the U.S. and its International Cooperators. The FOT is investigating potential causes of the incident; there are many possibilities, and a final report is not expected for several weeks. Read more...

Landsat 5 Anomaly
Released: 08/13/2009
Landsat 5 experienced an anomaly in the early morning hours of August 13, 2009. The Flight Operations Team (FOT) is assessing the problem and testing spacecraft systems. No imaging will occur until further notice. Read more...

USGS Played Crucial Role in Moon Landing, Apollo Program
Released: 07/20/2009
U.S. Geological Survey scientists and cartographers played an important but relatively unknown role during the Apollo 11 moon landing 40 years ago this week. Read more...

USGS Astrogeologists Contribute to "Moon in Google Earth"
Released: 07/20/2009
Astrogeologists at the U.S. Geological Survey here provided critical data sets used in the latest release of planetary exploration tools from Google, Inc. The updated software enables users to explore the moon in high detail, including the Apollo 11 landing site. Read more...

Information Derived from Classified Materials Aids Understanding of Changing Climate
Released: 07/17/2009
Images derived from classified materials are now available to the public through the US Geological Survey's website to support environmental analysis of global climate-related science, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced today. Read more...

USGS Releases Remote Sensing Data on Annual Biological Cycles
Released: 07/08/2009
Interior Secretary Salazar Announces Satellite Data on Nature's Timing Can Help Track Climate Change. The USGS long-term historical remote sensing data and graphics about biological life-cycle events is now available to the public at no charge on the web.Read more...

Pinpointing Drought Coast to Coast
Released: 06/24/2009
Take vast quantities of satellite remote sensing data. Season with time. Mix generously with information about climate, soils, and recent rainfall. These are the ingredients for the Vegetation Drought Response Index. Read more...

USGS Scientist Receives Prestigious Award
Released: 04/08/2009
Dr. Thomas Loveland, Senior Scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center has been named a 2009 Fellow for the American Society for Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Read more...

Designed for 3 years, 'workhorse' satellite completes 25
Released: 03/05/09
Outliving its expected 3-year lifespan by more than 22 years, on March 1 Landsat 5 completed a busy quarter-century of collecting information about and observations of the planet Earth's land mass and seems to still be going strong. Read more...

May 1, 2009- William T. Pecora Award Nominations deadline.
Released: 02/27/09
The William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals or groups toward understanding the Earth by means of remote sensing. Any individual or group (domestic or international) working in the field of remote sensing of the Earth is eligible to receive the William T. Pecora Award. Read more...

Latest Archive 2008

Pecora Award Recognizes Stellar Achievements in Earth Observation
Released: 11/21/2008
The prestigious 2008 William T. Pecora Award for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the Earth by means of remote sensing has been presented to Samuel N. Goward of the University of Maryland-College Park and the QuikSCAT Mission Team. Read more...

Group on Earth Observations Heralds Free, Global Access to USGS Earth Imagery
Released: 11/20/2008
In a breakthrough applauded today by the international Group on Earth Observations, scientists and decision-makers will soon have unrestricted global access at no charge to the USGS Landsat archive, the world's most extensive collection of continuously-acquired land imagery. Read more...

Wireless Sensor Networks Workshop Sept. 16 - 17
Released: 9/27/2008
The USGS Geography Discipline is hosting a two-day Wireless Sensor Network workshop at the Winter Park Lodge, Winter Park Colorado on September 16th and 17th, 2008.

RFI: Landsat Raw Data Products
Released: 8/14/2008
The US Geological Survey seeks information to determine if there is interest by one or more commercial or non-profit vendors in offering Landsat products beyond those available from the US Geological Survey (USGS). The USGS has available Landsat TM and ETM+ data in a raw, uncorrected format (Level-0R) so that these data could be processed to user specifications (projection, datum, and resampling method). Responses are due by September 12, 2008. Details can be found at FedBizOpps.

DOI Secretary Kempthorne Showcases Free Public Availability of Landsat Image Archive at ESRI Conference
Released: 8/5/2008
"With the click of a mouse, scientists, government officials and land managers will be able to see the changes in the earth's landscape at any point in the past three and a half decades," Kempthorne told the audience on Saturday.   News Release    U.S. Department of the Interior

USGS Accelerates Access to Satellite Data
Released: 7/1/2008
Federal and state agencies that need satellite imagery from commercial sources will find it much easier to acquire the data through a streamlined process managed by the U.S. Geological Survey. Read more...

National Treasure Expands: National Archives to Include Earth Imagery
Released: 06-13-2008
The story of the Nation's land during the last 75 years can be told impartially through records of earth observation - aerial photographs dating from the 1930s and satellite images dating from the 1960s. Preserving important records of the Nation's history while providing convenient public access to them is a vital responsibility of government. To meet this responsibility, NARA and USGS have signed an agreement creating a cooperative framework for how the two Federal agencies will ensure the preservation and access of the massive earth imagery and geospatial data resources currently archived by the USGS at EROS. Read More...

Boldly Going Where No Man (or Woman) Goes: USGS Unmanned Aircraft
Released: 5/8/2008
In dangerous and remote areas, such as polar regions, volcanic islands, and expansive deserts, remote-controlled unmanned aircraft can provide more detailed, more timely data about the status of natural resources and environmental conditions than would be feasible by any other means. Read More...   News Release

USGS Awards Satellite Imagery Contracts: Enhancing Access to Users
Released: 5/2/2008
RESTON, VA -The United States Geological Survey (USGS) announced the award of three multi-year acquisition contracts for high and moderate-resolution satellite imagery to GeoEye of Dulles, VA, DigitalGlobe of Longmont, CO and SPOT Image Corporation of Chantilly, VA. Read More...

Cyclone Nargis
Landsat satellite imagery, acquired shortly before and after Cyclone Nargis hit the coastal region of Myanamr on May 3, 2008, illustrate the flooding and destruction caused by the cyclone. The delta region, which is home to one fourth of Myanmar’s 57 million people, is a major agricultural area and its lowlands make it especially susceptible to flooding. The cyclone created a 3.6 meter storm surge which devastated the area. At least 22,000 deaths have been reported, with 41,000 listed as missing. Over 1 million are homeless. Learn More.

Imagery for Everyone
By February 2009, any Landsat archive scene selected by a user will be processed, at no charge, automatically to a standard product recipe and staged for electronic retrieval. Users will have access to global scenes dating back to Landsat 1. Read More...
Technical Announcement

EXTENDED! to May 15, 2008 - William T. Pecora Award Nominations deadline.
The William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals or groups toward understanding the Earth by means of remote sensing. Any individual or group (domestic or international) working in the field of remote sensing of the Earth is eligible to receive the William T. Pecora Award. Read More...

Pecora 17 Call for Abstracts -- DEADLINE April 11, 2008
The Pecora 17 Conference will be held Monday through Thursday, November 17 to 20, 2008 at the Adams Mark Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Full details of this conference and abstract guidelines may be found at

Landsat 5 Satellite Back in Action: The earth imaging satellite Landsat 5 is once again collecting and downlinking land-image data. The satellite was temporarily taken out of service in October 2007 following a cell failure within one of the satellite's two operating on-board batteries. Read More...

Click to see large graphic of Virginia WildfiresRecent VA-NC Wildfires- On Feb 11, Landsat 7 captured approximately 6,000 acres of burned area south of Richmond and Petersburg, VA. The 2 blue areas represent recently burned acreage. The orange color on the edge of the blue areas indicates active fires at the time the image was captured. For more information on this image see media advisory. For more information on Satellite Applications for Fire Science click here.

LRS Administered AmericaView partners with SPOT to expand access to high-resolution satellite imagery for U. S. colleges and universities through the web via "This program will make high quality, high resolution satellite imagery available to colleges and universities, providing a higher level of practical training to the next generation of remote sensing data users," said Bruce Ogden, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SPOT Image. Read More...

Abstract Deadline 2/15/2008- 4th Annual LRS Science Symposium
The USGS Geography Discipline Land Remote Sensing (LRS) Program is hosting the 4th Annual Land Remote Sensing Science Symposium titled "Meeting Tomorrows Challenges Today" on March 11-12, 2008, in the USGS Flagstaff facility in Arizona. The purpose of the conference is to showcase remote sensing research activities being conducted across the USGS. Read More...

Latest Archive 2007

Excellence in Earth Observation Honored
The prestigious 2007 William T. Pecora Award has been presented to scientists who have achieved significant accomplishments in Earth Observation Research. Read More...

Kempthorne-Led U.S. Group on Earth Observations Announces Scientific Initiatives

Secretary Kempthorne Leads U.S. Delegation to International Earth Observation Summit in South Africa

Taking the Long View From Space  PODCAST
Learn what the USGS is doing in space, land remote sensing, the future of Landsat, and more with Barbara Ryan, USGS Associate Director for Geography.

White House Plan Calls for Interior to Host New Program for Nation's Land Imaging Efforts

The White House announced on August 14 the release of a plan for a national land-imaging program. The plan will serve as the framework for continuing the collection of moderate resolution multispectral remote-sensing data for the globe. The new program will be established at the U.S. Department of the Interior and will provide focused leadership and management for the nation’s land-imaging efforts. See links below for more information:

Plan for National Land Imaging Program Report Announcement [PDF]
Plan for National Land Imaging Program Report [PDF 6.79MB]


Commerical Remote Sensing Data Contract (CRSDC) The CRSDC directly support the President's Commercial Remote Sensing Space Policy, signed in 2003, by providing a centralized mechanism for civil agencies to acquire commercial remote sensing products to support their mission needs in an efficient and coordinated way. Read More...

USGS Provides Compelling Images of Alabaugh Canyon Fire: The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center has provided satellite imagery in the rehabilitation effort of Alabaugh Canyon following the most destructive fire in Black Hills recent history. Read More...

TerraLook: The USGS in cooperation with NASA is pleased to announce the release of the TerraLook data product. TerraLook images are designed for visual interpretation and display, and are of value to anyone who wants to see the changes to the Earth's surface over the last 30 years. Read More...

Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. of Boulder, Colo. was selected to develop the Operational Land Imager instrument for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM). The LDCM is the successor to Landsat 7 and is scheduled for launch in July 2011. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. will manage the LDCM development in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The USGS will be responsible for LDCM operations after launch and on-orbit checkout. Read More...

USGS Pilot Project Makes High-Quality Landsat Data Available Through Web: As of June 4, 2007, the USGS will be releasing selected Landsat 7 image data of the United States through the Web ( or These data are of high quality with limited cloud cover. Read More...

2007 ASPRS Outstanding Service Award: LRS employees Barron R. Bradford, Raymond A. Byrnes, John W. Cullen, Martin Eckes, Jay W. Feuquay, and Bruce K. Quirk, and others who are part of the Future Land Imaging Interagency Working Group will be awarded the 2007 Outstanding Service Award at the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Professional Society's annual meeting, May 9, in Tampa, FL. They will be recognized for their efforts in developing a long term U.S. strategy for moderate resolution land imaging satellites. The interagency working group is led by Gene Whitney, Chair, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President. For more information see ASPRS Annual Conference

Landsat In Orbit...It Keeps Going and Going: On March 1, 2007, the Landsat 5 satellite began 24 years in orbit. This milestone is particularly impressive considering its operational lifespan was thought to be no more than three years. On April 15, 2007, Landsat 7 will complete its eighth year of operation. Landsat data is a vital component of an incredible array of research that includes wildfire mapping, crop identification, timber harvesting, desertification, climate change, habitat suitability and urban expansion. Data gathered by Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 continue to form the backbone of the 35-year-old global Landsat archive which contains millions of images of Earth's terrestrial environment and is maintained at the USGS Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science.

Commercial Satellite Imagery Companies Partner with the U.S. Geological Survey in Support of the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters": For people caught in the throes of natural or technological disasters, rapid and accurate assessments of conditions on the ground are critical to saving lives and protecting property. Making such assessments just got easier. USGS has joined forces with two American commercial satellite imagery firms — DigitalGlobe and GeoEye in support of the global team of space and satellite agencies that constitute the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters". The International Charter works to provide emergency response satellite data free of charge to those affected by disasters anywhere in the world. Read More...

USGS Collaborates on Unique, Comprehensive View of Antarctica: The U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is developing a unique and versatile map of Antarctica using satellite imagery. Read More...

U.S.-Canadian Science Pact to Improve Monitoring of Land Cover, Biodiversity, Climate Change: The U.S. Geological Survey and Natural Resources Canada have launched a high-tech satellite mapping initiative that can better monitor changes in the combined land cover of two of the world's largest nations. Read more...

DOI and NASA Honor Achievements in Remote Sensing: The Department of the Interior (DOI) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have announced the winners of the 2006 William T. Pecora Award, a prestigious federal award given to individuals and groups to recognize significant achievements in remote sensing. The 2006 Pecora Group Award was presented to the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) Team for developing innovative techniques for providing unique atmospheric ozone, sulfur dioxide, and aerosol data for more than 25 years.  The presentation took place at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting on December 13, 2006, in San Francisco.12/14/2006  Read more...

EarthNow! displays data received from the Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 satellites as they pass over the United States. When a Landsat satellite passes within range of the ground station at the USGS EROS center, image data are downlinked and displayed in near-real time. When Landsat 5 and 7 are not in range, the most recent 10 passes are repeated until the satellites are back in range. EarthNow! was created as an outreach tool by the Landsat project at the EROS center, and a version was installed on Nov. 11, at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

USGS and NASA Select Landsat Science Team:   The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), announces the selection of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Science Team. These scientists and engineers will advise the USGS and NASA on issues critical to the success of the LDCM. Expected to launch soon after 2010, the LDCM is designed to supply Landsat-like data from the next generation of Earth observing satellites. More...

LRS goes Smithsonian! LRS is the principle sponsor of the new Earth from Space traveling exhibition for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The exhibition and complimentary website celebrate the contributions satellites have made in understanding our planet. More ...

Deadline: Oct 20, 2006 New Orleans RADARSAT-1 Subsidence Preliminary Announcement of Opportunity: "The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), will be launching an Announcement of Opportunity for researching new developments in interferometric applications of RADARSAT-1 data and innovative mapping approaches to better illustrate subsidence."

Latest Archive 2006

Jay Feuquay - May 2006
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague Jay Feuquay after several months of illness. More...

Hyperion Systematic Terrain-Corrected (Level 1Gst) Data Product-- The USGS Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science, in cooperation with NASA, is pleased to announce the release of a new Systematic Terrain-Corrected (Level 1Gst) data product from the Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Hyperion sensor. This new processing option provides increased quality and improved geometric accuracy for the Hyperion data product. The new Hyperion product is available for $500 per scene, and may be searched and ordered through Earth Explorer or the USGS Global Visualization Viewer. For more information, please visit the EO-1 website:

EO-1 Update  NASA has extended the EO-1 mission through FY07, with the possibility of further extensions. In this mission phase, EO-1 has been transformed into an on-orbit test bed for advanced technology and hyperspectral research; however, individual users can still acquire new scenes or archived scenes through the USGS. More...

The White House has initiated a year-long study called The Future of Land Imaging to explore options for United States operational use of satellites to better serve society. The USGS serves on the leadership team of this Federal interagency working group. For more information visit

The Landsat Project is pleased to announce that Landsat 5 has returned to full operations--On March 17, 2006, Landsat 5 experienced a problem with its radio transmitter, preventing transmission of science data to ground receiving stations. The team expects reliable operations of data transmission for the foreseeable future. More information...

Call for Nominations for 2006 William T. Pecora Award; Deadline: April 30, 2006--The William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to individuals or groups that have made outstanding contributions toward understanding the Earth by means of remote sensing. The Department of the Interior (DOI) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) jointly sponsor the award. Instructions for preparing a nomination and other information about the award can be found on the Pecora Award Web site.

Interruption of Landsat 5 Acquisitions An unexpected problem has occurred in Landsat 5's ability to transmit data, causing an interruption in acquisitions. Engineers are studying the problem and testing is underway. Updates will be posted as more detailed information becomes available.

22 years and Still Ticking -- Landsat 5 Beats Expectations—The Landsat 5 satellite, launched on March 1, 1984, has completed 22 years of record-setting Earth observations. In an era of "overnight success" and disposable products, there is no better example of dependability, economy, and achievement than the Landsat 5 Earth-observing satellite. Because of the sophisticated equipment on board, engineers anticipated a life of a mere two years, with a goal of three years of collecting data over the landmass of the planet. Instead, Landsat 5 has become the longest continuously serving observation system in the U.S. civilian fleet. The track record for this satellite is nothing short of phenomenal.  Learn More...

Science Fair April 4-6, 2006 - The USGS Geography Land Remote Sensing (LRS) Program is hosting a "USGS Remote Sensing Science Fair" on April 04-06, 2006, in the USGS Auditorium, Building 810, Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado. The purpose of the conference is to showcase the Remote Sensing research activities within the U.S. Geological Survey. The event will highlight current and potential remote sensing science and activities in both commercial and classified arenas.

Landsat 5 Resumes Operations: USGS and NASA engineers successfully adjusted the solar array enabling data acquisition operations to resume.

Latest Archive 2005

Landsat Data Continuity Mission — "The Administration has directed NASA and the USGS to team up on development, launch, and operation of a “free-flyer” Landsat Data Continuity Mission, wherein NASA will procure an on-orbit data acquisition capability and then turn it over to the USGS to operate in order to ingest, archive, process, and distribute Landsat-type data products. By some estimates, such a capability would become operational early in 2011." Landsat Data Continuity Strategy Adjustment Memo

In response to the USGS initiative to make more Landsat data readily available, Orthorectified Landsat data is now available for free download from the USGS. The Orthorectified Landsat data is available from the Global Visualization Viewer( GloVis) at and Earth Explorer at

Landsat 5 Experiencing Technical Difficulties

DOI and NASA Honor Scientists for Achievements in Remote Sensing

Hazard Response: Remote Sensing data are being used by the Hazard Data Distribution System. Both pre-event and post-event information is available from this site. Users may preview data sets via the interactive map viewer and then download data free-of-charge or submit an order for any of the available data to be delivered on DVD or firewire/usb drives. Visit the Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS)/Hurricane Katrina site.

The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Workshop will be held June 14-16, 2005, at the USGS in Reston, Virginia. All SRTM data production has been completed, and the data are now being used in numerous applications. To help document the SRTM data quality and characteristics, and to describe applications benefiting from the data, a workshop is being convened for the SRTM data user community.

LRS Science Fair: Remote Sensing Research from around the country will be presented in the USGS Headquarter's Auditorium on April 12-13, 2005, from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 pm.

President Bush proposes increase in the USGS Landsat 7 Funding for FY 2006. The President's budget calls for increasing the Landsat 7 budget by $12 million so that this important earth-imaging satellite program can continue to provide critical information to scientists, emergency relief officials, land managers and planners.

USGS Scientist Honored by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) more

USGS Director Leads U.S. Delegation to Group on Earth Observations (GEO)-6 Meeting in Brussels more

Landsat 7 Data Enhancements: Development of a major new product enhancement for Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) data. Gap-filled product options will not allow the data merged of one or more SLC-off fill scenes for generation of a final gap-free image.

Latest Archive 2004

High Spatial Resolution Commercial Imagery Workshop will be held November 8-10, 2004, at the U.S. Geological Survey National Center, Reston, Virginia. NOTE Registration Deadline Extended to Nov. 3, 2004.

RFI Released: In support of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission, an RFI was released on Aug. 5, 2004, to solicit innovative approaches to developing and managing a successor system to Landsat 7. For more information visit


USGS ANNOUNCES NEW PRODUCT LINE: A technique to estimate radiometric values in Landsat 7 data gaps has been selected, and the resulting new products will be available to customers in June 2004.

U.S. Digital Landsat Mosaics Educational CD-ROM set of satellite images provides a valuable record of land surface conditions of the U.S. in the early 1990's.

Visit for information about the Landsat 7 anomaly.

Latest Archive 2003

Remote Sensing Policy

The President authorized a new national policy on April 25, 2003, that establishes guidance and implementation actions for commercial remote sensing space capabilities. Visit for more information.

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